Disrupting the Management Consulting Industry

Management consulting in a faster more cost-efficient way

Using AI to deliver immediate solutions to the problems in your business


What do we do?

We use AI to review the performance of your business, identify critical issues and deliver the immediate solutions for them, focusing on the following:


Leadership & Management


Sales &

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Finance &

time-management (1)

People &

Are you Experiencing?

Our innovative intelligence can provide the support and guidance you need in a number of situations such as:

  • Inefficient Operations
  • Lacking Direction &
    Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Falling sales revenue
  • Cash Flow Problems
  • Demotivated & Underperforming Staff
  • Don't know which way to turn

What is the outcome?

What can you expect if you undertake a 360 Business Review?

  • Clarity on the issues you need to tackle in your business
  • The step by step process needed to change the dynamic of your business
  • Increased sales revenue and profitability
  • Learner & more efficient operations
  • Better cash flow management
  • Increased productivity and more motivated staff

What Makes Us Unique?

By utilizing the hybrid power of artificial and emotional intelligence, we are able to deliver the management consulting experience in a faster, more cost-efficient way, making us a viable solution for small businesses looking at ways to address the problems in their business.

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    Our systematic review process allows us to quickly determine the areas for concern in your business and pinpoint the specific issues preventing your business from reaching the next level.

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    By harnessing artificial intelligence we are able to instantly develop bespoke action solutions eliminating lengthy strategic analysis and the need for multiple consultants.

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    We are incredibly efficient in what we do, we do not tie you to expensive and estimated hourly rates and our AI creates massive value for you and your business.

What could emotional and artificial intelligence do for your business?

Transform your business through a combination of artificial and emotional intelligence, and discover the 4 key steps you need to enact dynamic change in your organisation.

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Final Ebook

Gain Entrepreneurial Insight With

A 360 Business Review

Identifying, understanding and solving problems in your business is critical in delivering sustained growth and profitability. Executing this process in a cost-effective and efficient way can be challenging, especially if you are struggling to pinpoint the root causes to your problems. 

Here at Your 360 Business Review our systematic analysis of the four key areas of your business highlights performance issues, helping you to understand what your problems are and why it is important to fix them in order to drive the success of your business.

Download your free guide to find out how to drive  change in your business now

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Structured, Sustained and Accountable Action

Identifying and understanding the issues in your business is the first step in its transformation. The next step is creating the step by step plan, process and action solution needed to solve those issues.

Our innovative intelligence creates instant action system solutions that are tailored specifically to the demands of your business. We provide the structured step by step action process that highlights the status of your performance, holding you and your team accountable for sustained execution. 

To guide your action, our on-demand team of consultants are available to provide you with the support, inspiration and help you need to drive change in your business.

How Can I Transform My Business?

Find out more about the 4 step framework which has the potential to redefine success for your business by getting in touch today.